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How to sign a SQL Server CLR Assembly in Visual Studio 2015

It took me quite a while to figure out how to sign a SQL Server CLR Assembly (like a CLR stored procedure / function / trigger etc) in VS 2015. If you google “sign a SQL Server CLR Assembly”, you … Continue reading

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CLR Stored Procedure Cannot Be Marked as System Object?

It is an open secret that in SQL Server, we can “create a system object” by using an undocumented stored procedure sp_MS_marksystemobject as explained here. The benefit is that when you put a SP in the [master] database and mark … Continue reading

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What Is Your Career Investment Portfolio?

Every year, financial advisors will recommend their clients to take a review of their investment portfolio and make necessary changes according to one’s financial reality, like whether you are going to be married, to have a baby soon, to have … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2016 Bug in R Integration?

  I am studying the latest R integration with SQL Server 2016, and I believe I encounter a bug when using sp_execute_external_script. So here is the re-play of the bug; If I run the following code, I will get an … Continue reading

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A DBA’s Developer Experience and After-Thoughts

After 10+ years of a dedicated DBA, for the past 17 months, I have purposely chosen to work as a database developer. I decided to do this mainly for two reasons: 1. I want to have a career travel to … Continue reading

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IT People’s Technical Debt and Reputation Credit

In Canada and USA, when people apply for a credit card or a loan/mortgage, the lending institutions will always do a credit history check against the applicant, and based on the result, they will decide whether to approve the application … Continue reading

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New Year Wish List for SQL Server Features

  With SQL Server 2016 to be officially released this year, I want to make a wish list for the features I really dream of, and see when / whether this list will come true down the road. 1. Revolutionize … Continue reading

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